New Modular Homes Research from Cambridge University

Dear Friends,

I’m getting in touch to share some really good news with you, which is that the first impact study of our Modular Homes has recently been published.

The study found that our new modular homes have made a significant difference to people’s lives, and ultimately in tackling homelessness.

This research – conducted by the University of Cambridge – shows that access to our modular homes alongside wraparound support have helped our residents improve their health, relationships and finances, and end the cycle of homelessness.

You can read the research here, or see Jimmy’s featured in The Times.

This data was collected from residents of our first 6 modular homes, to whom we are grateful for participating so openly. We are delighted that we now have added on a further 16 modular homes across Cambridge, and hope that this demonstration of impact will allow more modular homes to be built in the city and across the UK.

We are very proud of this project and are very grateful to Cambridge University, and to our partners for these first 6 modular homes, Allia and New Meaning Foundation and supporters across Cambridge, who have made this possible. It’s great to see the national news recognising what we already know: that Cambridge is leading the way in ending homelessness.

Thank you for all you have done to support this project and Jimmy’s’ work more generally.


Mark Allan

Chief Executive