People’s Stories


“Without Jimmy’s I do not know where I would be now. They took me from street to shelter to house to home”.

Today will be a better day and the future is open again. Harry was a Headmaster from a solid family, when unexpected events saw him on the streets of Cambridge. Harry spent the entire summer of 2017 on the streets, feeling in his words, ‘derelict, denounced and decrepit’. Harry felt invisible sometimes ‘wanting to just sleep and not wake up again’. This was until he found his way to Jimmy’s. Harry moved into our accommodation on East Road after several months of rough sleeping, seeing it as a chance to start again and rebuild his life. With support from Jimmy’s, Harry was helped into supported housing, before he moved to his own flat. Thanks to our work, Harry now lives independently as a part of the Cambridge community.


“Jimmy’s is really good. It saved my life”.

Charlie had been drinking excessively for several years, having suffered early trauma, and his physical and mental health was very poor. He moved into our 24/7 Controlled Drinking Project, where we provide round the clock support.

With our support, slowly he began to reduce his alcohol intake until we were then able to support him through a full detox, in conjunction with NHS services.

Charlie has managed to remain alcohol free and has now moved into one of our shared houses, where the support he receives is through regular visits from one of Jimmy’s outreach support team.

To date he continues to remain abstinent of alcohol.


“Jimmy’s gave me the support to get me back on my feet, time to think and warm up”.

Emma came into Jimmy’s emergency accommodation on East Road after sleeping rough. The team helped her stabilise, after a very traumatic experience being on the streets, and began to assess her support needs.

Emma moved into our 24/7 Controlled Drinking Project and responded well to the environment. She quickly began to have a more positive attitude about her life. Sadly, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, so we decided that she could stay with us throughout her treatment and aid her recovery. She made the decision to stop drinking all together.

Ten months later Emma was free of cancer, and Emma moved into her own permanent tenancy, and continues to receive support from Jimmy’s. She continues to remain sober.

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