Harvest 2024

“I was homeless and I got recommended to Jimmy’s. The workers there were absolutely amazing. Without them I wouldn’t have made it out of the situation I was in.”

We appreciate it is July and you are prepping for the Summer holidays however, we at Jimmy’s are already planning ahead of the Winter season as it is the most dangerous time for people to be sleeping rough on the streets.

We are also preparing for something else this year as 2025 marks our 30th Anniversary!

Whilst it is understandably sad that our services are still needed 3 decades on, we do want to take the opportunity to celebrate the amazing work of our staff and volunteers over this time. Most importantly, we want to remember and celebrate each and every person we have helped off the streets over the last 3 decades, each one having achieved success in their own rite by recognising and asking for Jimmy’s support, many of whom going on to lead independent lives in their own homes.

The first step in this journey is Jimmy’s being able to offer a roof over peoples’ heads and food on the table. That’s where you come in.

As we look towards Harvest Festival, we’re asking – will you collect items for our residents?

Harvest Collections

We would like to ask for donations which will be used across our network of support, from our Emergency accommodation at Jimmy’s East Road through to residents we continue to support as they transition into their own homes. To help, within this pack you will find a wish list of items that we know will make a difference to those we support.

Last year your donations went towards enabling Jimmy’s to provide 40,000 meals including breakfast, lunch and well-balanced, nutritious evening meal. A healthy diet is vital to well-being, and by supporting our residents in this way, we are providing them with a better chance of adopting a healthier lifestyle enabling them to cope with the many issues they are faced with.

For all harvest enquiries contact Jimmy’s on 01223 576085 or info@jimmyscambridge.org.uk.

Would you like us to come and do a talk?

We are able to offer a limited number of number of talks during this period. If you would like us to come along to share more about Jimmy’s, get in touch today to secure a date with a member of the Jimmy’s team!

Why not print off our suggested donation list at home, and share it with friends, your local school, or community group. Together we can support even more people experiencing homelessness this winter.

Don’t have time to collect items? Why not make a cash donation here today? Donate to Harvest

Absolutely every donation counts, thank you so much for your support!