Evening at the Cambridge General Election Hustings

Last night (26th June) we partnered with Cambridge City Food Bank, It Takes a City, Centre 33 and YMCA for a Cambridge General Election Hustings, held at the Church of The Good Shepherd in Arbury. It was a great opportunity to hear from each candidate about how they would tackle poverty if elected, and to see strength of feeling from local residents around issues of poverty and the cemented need for investment in our communities.

Natasha Davies, Jimmy’s CEO asked the question about reducing the stigma of homelessness. This is something we aim to do each and every day but one thing we haven’t shared here previously is about the use of language.

When discussing homelessness, it is increasingly recognised as important to use language that is respectful and person-centred. This approach emphasises the humanity of individuals experiencing homelessness rather than defining them by their housing status. For example.

Traditional Language:

  • Homeless person

Person-Centred Language:

  • Person experiencing homelessness

Thank you to each candidate for attending and taking part.

If you would like to find out more about who your candidates are, type your postcode into ‘Who Can I Vote For’