Stress Awareness Month & Homelessness

Stress Awareness Month can be particularly relevant to the issue of homelessness as individuals experiencing homelessness often face high levels of stress due to their circumstances. Places like Jimmy’s play a crucial role in providing support and assistance to those in need.

Some of the ways we provide support are.

Basic Support Needs such as providing nutritious meals, a nice safe environment, including own rooms, with provision of everything that is need including bedding and toiletries etc.

Financial support – we help residents navigate the process of applying for financial assistance such as unemployment benefits, or any financial issues that they might need support with.

Health support – we work with local organisations such as the Cambridge Access Surgery to get support for people with their health, and other local organisations for any other support people may need help with.

Stigma & Discrimination – We work in the community to bring awareness to the root causes of homelessness and the work that Jimmy’s does, in order to break down stigma and discrimination against those experiencing homelessness.

Caring for pets – we are proud to welcome people and their pets into Jimmy’s, providing their four legged companions with any support that they need in looking after their pets as well as the individual.