Sawston Community helps Jimmy’s resident move on

One of the highlights at Jimmy’s is a successful move on, seeing people who come through our doors go on to have a safe place to call their own. Not only is it just finding places for people to stay, it is also making these place habitable so people feel it is a place they really can call home. Here is the story of one of our former residents who has recently moved into his own accommodation.

81 year old Francis stayed at Jimmy’s over the autumn and winter whilst accommodation was being found for him. Francis’ Support Worker, Chris, managed to find him move-on accommodation in a retirement community in the city centre. This property was completely unfurnished, and without any carpets. Although there are various grants which can be applied for to help with issues such as a these, they are not enough to fund the furnishing of an entire apartment.

Chris made a post about this on the local Sawston Community Facebook group, and within 24 hours members of the community had pledged the entire list of furnishings needed. Chris spent the next two weeks collecting all of the items, storing them in his garage ready for when Francis could move in, as well as setting up a crowdfunding page on JustGiving which raised just shy of £250. This money went towards new carpets. The supplier very kindly offered these at discounted charity rate.

We are pleased to report that Francis is now settled into his new home and doing really well, taking part in social activities and group meals. He also knows he is free to pop by and visit us anytime for a cup of tea.

Our thanks go out to the following people who all helped make this possible.
Hannah Garland
Claire Walker
Ellie Jane
Charlotte Rogers
Eli Murry
Kirsty Louise Hewitt-Ward
Elizabeth Clissold-Bate
Rugile Read-Vaikasaite
Kelly Rann Kay
Coralie Steadman
Bev Small
Jo Sinclair
Neil McCarthy
Natasha Bishop
Jan Gilzean
Mark Foster-Johnson
John Ball at Cut Price Carpets and Decorating, Mill Road
Kelly at Greenweigh Shop, Sawston and many more who preferred to remain anonymous.