Jimmy’s Joggers: KC’s Story

Jimmy’s is proud to have a team of 30 people taking part in the 2024 Cambridge Half Marathon. Each one of them has committed to raising a minimum of £250, many have raised even more!

KC is one of our runners, he shared a little about his journey to the start line.

“My work involves people who struggle with alcohol and other substances, as well as other problems related to trauma like homelessness, so I know Jimmy’s.

I’m glad to be able to raise some money and help Jimmy’s important work. I’ve talked to a lot of residents at Jimmy’s and many are glad to have a warm safe place to stay, especially in the cold wintertime. The volunteers and staff there are dedicated and really care about those who they work to support.

I run regularly, but not as far as 13 miles, and not fast at all. I’ve jogged so slow that sometimes felt better referring to my outings as ‘shuffles’ rather than runs. But preparing for the 2024 Cambridge Marathon has helped me speed up a bit, and I’m getting used to more distance.

Previously my usual routine was to drive or cycle to Grantchester or somewhere else along the River Cam in Cambridge and do about 6 kilometres. The first 5 minutes or so I usually feel out of breath and want to give up, but by the time 10 minutes have passed I’m adjusted and don’t really mind. If it’s cold, and it sure has been in the last few months, my hands are pretty cold for about 15 minutes, but they always warm up soon enough. About this time, I notice that not only do I not mind jogging.

I actually prefer to do at least 5k and, if the sun is shining and if I feel good, I might actually want to run for longer. I measure my runs by distance, not time. Since I’ve been preparing for the CHM I’ve been jogging some of the course route, especially around Barton Road from Newnham to Grantchester, then to Trumpington and back to central Cambridge.

When I booked to do this race I wanted to help Jimmy’s, but to be honest, I didn’t think I’d be able to raise much money. But when I talk to my friends and they ask what I’m doing, often my running comes into the conversation. I’m proud that I’ve run some of my longest routes in the last two months. I’ve run more than 8 miles 7 times and I’ve almost ran 13 miles in one go!”

At time of print KC had raised almost £450 of his £500 target! If you would like to sponsor KC please click here.

Feel inspired to run the 2025 Cambridge Half Marathon? Click here