Pamper afternoon to support women experiencing homelessness in Cambridge.

In recognition of World Homelessness Day on Tuesday 10th October, Sodexo and Scruffs Hairdressing Salon Hosted a pamper afternoon for women experiencing homelessness in collaboration with Jimmy’s Cambridge and Whitworth House.

Sodexo, a leading provider of quality of life services, partnered with Scruffs Hairdressing Salon in Cambridge to organise a special pamper afternoon for women experiencing homelessness in recognition of World Homeless Day, 10.10.23.  The event took place at Scruffs and welcomed residents from Jimmy’s Cambridge and Whitworth House, both based in Cambridge.

Jimmy’s has been a pillar of support for individuals experiencing homelessness in Cambridge for over 20 years. The shelter provides a safe and warm environment for those in need, offering not only a place to stay but also a range of comprehensive services.

The pamper day organised by Sodexo, Jimmy’s & Scruffs was designed to provide a much-needed respite and boost the self-esteem of the women accessing services from Jimmy’s and Whitworth House.

Barry Griffiths, Community Engagement Officer at Jimmy’s commented – “Self-care can be difficult to focus on when you are working your way out of homelessness. We joined up with our local partners in Cambridge and got together to offer a salon day for some female residents. It is important to have time away from a daily routine that can be anxious, stressful and a real struggle. So we are glad that we can offer this to help people have some time to themselves.”

The residents were treated to a luxurious hair wash, cut, and blow dry by the skilled hairdressers at Scruffs, who generously donated their time and expertise to make this day possible. “We are thrilled to partner with Sodexo & Jimmy’s to bring this pamper afternoon to life,” said Gary Chapman, Salon Owner. “We understand the transformative power of self-care and how it can positively impact one’s self-esteem and overall well-being”.

Sodexo, in collaboration with Lush, L’Oréal and Supply Partners on their Cambridge contract (Jones Lang LaSalle, Securitas, CBRE & Avantor) also provided bags containing various self-care items for the women to enjoy a DIY self-care day. The items were carefully selected to provide a range of self-care options, including hair products, skincare essentials, and other pampering treats. Additional bags were also created to gift to residents at the hostels.

Annie Moreham, Communications & Positive Impact Lead at Sodexo explained why this teamwork was so valuable – “This collaborative effort is a powerful example of the collective positive impact that can be achieved when organisations come together to support vulnerable individuals.”

The event was a huge success that showcased the power of collective action to create positive change and make a difference in the lives of those facing adversity.