Alcohol Awareness Week

Whilst not everyone who is homeless is so due to alcoholism it is reported two thirds of those experiencing homelessness do suffer from this disease.

Recognising this, one way in which Jimmy’s offers support is through its Abstinence House. Providing an environment where people can live free from the influence of alcohol and drugs can help people on their journey to recovery.

People like Thomas.

Thomas had been drinking excessively for several years. Having suffered trauma in his early life, his physical and mental health were very poor when he came into Jimmy’s. He moved into our 451 project, where we provide round the clock support. When he was ready, we mutually agreed a drink reduction plan. His support worker accompanied him to the local GP, and he was given medication. Slowly he began to reduce his alcohol intake until we were then able to support him through a full detox, in conjunction with NHS services.

Thomas has managed to remain alcohol free, partly with the help of medication. After some time, the team felt he no longer needed the constant support offered by this service. He then moved into our abstinence house, where the support he receives is through regular visits from one of Jimmy’s outreach support team.

To date Thomas continues to remain abstinent of alcohol.

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