Here at Jimmy’s we aim to offer a full rounded offer of support, from practical information about housing and jobs to mental and physical support as needed by each individual we help.

 One of the ways we offer this holistic support is through a weekly yoga class. We spoke to our yoga instructor Molly about how these sessions help our residents, especially those who may be experiencing mental health and addiction.

“Yoga combined with breathwork has helped me transform my life. My wish is to help others to do the same by normalising the conversation around yoga, mental health, and addiction.

“Yoga is a healing experience and I hold the space safely for my clients with the approach, “It isn’t about what your practice looks like, but what it feels like.”.

“Bringing people into their bodies, allowing them to feel their emotions and notice their behavioural patterns can be a helpful way to free the self from addictions, anxiety, depression, and the everyday chatter of the mind which we all experience.

“Yoga creates space in the mind and body in an overwhelming world where we can often feel disconnected, but when we create that space to just breathe and listen in, there lies the path to true freedom.”

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