A Volunteer’s View

Thank you for asking me to do a blog it’s a great way to keep everyone connected and still feel involved during the Covid 19 restrictions.

I am really missing volunteering at Jimmy’s during this lockdown as I have been part of the Jimmy’s family for so long and love going in and doing my bit in the kitchen, preparing and serving the dinners, and more recently helping on reception too.

I am so happy to know that our Cambridge homeless community is being recognised, acknowledged and supported during this uncertain time through a co-ordinated approach with local volunteer groups, church groups and outreach services, other charities and local organisations and not forgetting the much loved Library Van I have been able to help this group in a small way, just a couple of hours per week , by assisting in the delivery of food to hotels where people have been temporarily housed to keep them safe and also sending donations of food. All done within safe distancing rules, in my own car and using PPE.

I started as a volunteer in 2012 just as Jimmy’s moved to its current home so 8 years ago. I am a bit of a ‘doer’ and liked the idea of a volunteer role where I would be having face to face contact with people , I like to chat , I like to get things done , I like the hustle and bustle of Jimmy’s , I like to be a friendly face and give practical support.

It has been lovely to meet the Jimmy’s guests throughout the years , some being regular faces who need ongoing support , others who have been able to move on more quickly, but all looking healthier and well-nourished after their stay.

There is always plenty of food to go round.

I have always found the guests to be very polite and appreciative of the support and help that the volunteers give to the charity. It is very much a joint effort with guests, staff and volunteers. A great ‘team’ effort all round.

I am so looking forward to coming back, getting stuck in and continuing to support and assist both the staff team and the guests.

Keep well everyone!