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After much thought and with the agreement of the trustees, our CEO Henry Brown will be stepping aside at the end of the year after nearly ten years in charge. Henry has been instrumental in the transformation of Jimmy's from Night Shelter to Assessment Centre and at the forefront of shaping homeless services in Cambridge. Henry leaves us confident to carry forward the great work of Jimmy’s and in good shape to deal with the challenges that lay ahead. We would like to thank Henry for his dedication over the last ten years and for all the work he has done to support those who we look after.

Harvest 2019

As I’m sure you are aware the harvest season is now upon us, so I am writing to ask if you would please have Jimmy’s in your thoughts this harvest-time.

If you are having a harvest festival, please do consider Jimmy’s as a beneficiary. We are reliant on donations to feed the hundreds of people that stay with us each year. Without this support we would be unable to offer breakfast and a well-balanced, nutritious evening. A healthy diet is vital to well-being, and by supporting our guests in this way we are providing them with a better chance of developing a healthier lifestyle and so cope with the many issues they are faced with.

Jimmy’s likes to support the community as much as it supports us. We are very willing to come and speak with your group – please let us know if you would like us to come along.

If you have a donation, please call to let us know when you can deliver. We’re able to take deliveries between 10am and 5pm everyday.

If you are unable to deliver, please call us. We are able to collect on Mondays and Fridays between 9am and 5pm.

Can view our Harvest Wish List here.


It's not just the winter that brings weather issues to those who find themselves rough sleeping. Should you see someone on the streets during the forthcoming heat then please consider the following thoughts if confident to do so:

• Firstly, Make conversation and be friendly - being stepped over and ignored when rough sleeping is not good, if you feel inclined;

• Offer support by referring to local services such as Jimmy's, Wintercomfort, Local Council where water and sun cream is available to all who need it when they need it;

• Or should you wish buy some water (keep it sealed) and offer it (don't forget the dogs too !!!)

• Hats and sun cream are always welcomed either by donation to charities, or direct to the individual on the streets ;

• If you are concerned you can always refer the individual to StreetLInk on 0300 500 914 or Street Outreach on 01223 366292

• Lastly, if anyone looks in medical distress then always call 999 for emergency services


Jimmy's currently has Locum Support Worker positions here at our Assessment Centre, in the centre of Cambridge. Jimmy’s aim to provide a welcoming and safe environment for those who would otherwise be homeless The job of Locum Link Support worker entails working as part of a team that takes responsibility in supporting the guests journey from the street floor to a sustainable front door.

If you would like an informal discussion or further information please call Jimmy’s on 01223 576085 or email

The Job description can be found here. The application form can be found here.