A day in the life of a resident

When Sam and I meet on a Friday in early June, he had just woken up from his extended mid-day sleep. He looks disheveled but seems happy, a little bit shy but approachable and very keen to talk to me. We actually meet to discuss the modular homes that Sam is supposed to move into some time in the future, but we end up also talking about Covid-19 and how the lockdown had been for him.

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A day in the life of Ros - Volunteer Co-ordinator

"I often become a listening ear for people. I feel privileged that people see something in me that makes them think: I feel okay and comfortable opening up to this person and talking.”

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A day in the life of Teresa

Teresa is always around, spreading her good spirits and energy. She picks up the small dog, cuddles him, gives him a treat, jokes around with him before returning to the kitchen. Everyone knows Teresa and she is likely the one that newcomers at Jimmy’s get to know quickly. Looking out into the lounge out of her abode, the kitchen, she sees everything and everyone.

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Interview with Matt Wiseman - Housing Support Worker

“I am kind of adjusted now – getting used to working at home, not getting the train to work […] and things feel like they are more under control now.” When I call Matt Wiseman, one of the housing support workers at Jimmy’s, he seems calm and optimistic.

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A Volunteers View

Thank you for asking me to do a blog it’s a great way to keep everyone connected and still feel involved during the Covid 19 restrictions.

I am really missing volunteering at Jimmy’s during this lockdown as I have been part of the Jimmy’s family for so long and love going in and doing my bit in the kitchen, preparing and serving the dinners, and more recently helping on reception too.

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Barry takes us back to the beginning

Twenty-five years ago, like minded Cambridge individuals, inspired by one man, got together and set out a vision to propose and set up Cambridge's first all year round nightshelter. This was in response to the growing number of rough sleepers on our city streets. Out of this rose Jimmy's Nightshelter, named after the inspirational Jimmy Dilley, formed by hard-working, community spirited partners and individuals to reflect the need to offer hope, protection and support some of the most vulnerable people in society, hosted and housed through the generosity of the Zion Baptist Church.

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