Modular Homes

Jimmy’s Cambridge is at the forefront of new solutions to tackling homelessness

Innovative new homes

Six new homes have been built to provide supported living for people who have been experiencing homelessness in Cambridge. This innovative project was the result of a partnership between Allia, who have led the development of this project, the New Meaning Foundation, an ethical construction social enterprise, and Jimmy’s Cambridge.

These custom-built units are specifically designed to be used on temporary sites available at low or no cost. The project’s innovative approach is for the homes to be relocated to another such site in the city when the land is required for its long term intended use.

High quality supported living

Each home is fully self-contained for one person, and Jimmy’s will provide intensive personalised support. When the units move to another location in the city, residents have the choice of continuing to live in their homes or moving on to more permanent accommodation.

The project has benefited from the kindness and generosity of a whole host of donors and supporters who have enabled the homes to be built by New Meaning and Allia, and enabling Jimmy's to make each one a home with white goods, furniture, bedding and all the other essential household items.

We are still raising funds to ensure we can fund the long term support, and ideally to develop more of these modular homes.

Making a difference

Mark Allan, Jimmy’s Chief Executive, says “One of the main challenges facing people who are homeless is finding affordable accommodation backed up with the support to help deal with the causes of what led them to sleeping rough on the streets in the first place. This project offers both. 6 new affordable homes, backed up with a team of committed, caring staff and volunteers with expertise in supporting people. These new homes will change people’s lives.”