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Jimmy's provides effective and wide-ranging support for people experiencing homeless. Every penny of your donation is used to improve lives and create hope


Virgin Money Giving

Use our Virgin Money Giving page to give a one-off or monthly donation - or set up your own fundraising page to support Jimmy's. If you are a UK tax payer don't forget to tick the Gift Aid box.

Just Giving

Use our Justgiving page to set up a one-off or regular donation - or create your own fundraising page to support Jimmy's.If you are a UK tax payer don't forget to tick the Gift Aid box.

Regular donation (form)

Use Jimmy's standing order form to set up a regular donation from your bank account to ours. Make sure and complete a Gift Aid form too.

One-off donation

Use Jimmy's single donation form to give a one-off donation by cheque, Postal Order or bank transfer. Make sure and complete a Gift Aid form too.

Payroll giving

Donate to Jimmy's directly from your gross salary each month using payroll giving. Your employer may have payroll giving already set up, but if not you can use Giveall payroll giving

Leave a gift in your will

Remembering Jimmy’s in your will allows us to plan to achieve the future vision of Jimmy’s, Our Cambridge without homelessness.Get in touch with us via the contact page for more details.

Give in memory

Remembering someone through a donation to Jimmy’s ensures those who pass are not forgotten and their memory lives on in the support work that Jimmy’s undertakes to help homeless people.

BACS transfer

Make a quick and simple payment directly to our bank account. Make sure and complete a Gift Aid form too.

Barclays Bank
Sort code: 20-17-35
Account number: 00469300
Account Name: Jimmy's Cambridge

Amazon Wishlist

View our Amazon wish list to see which items we currently need and have these sent directly Jimmy's.

Amazon Smile

Make Jimmy's your Amazon Smile preferred charity so we get a percentage of your eligible purchases.

Give as you live

Give as you Live is a shopping and price comparison website which allows you to donate a percentage of every purchase to Jimmy's.

Donate goods

We accept many types of food, toiletries and specific items. However, there are some items we are unable to accept as donations due to health and safety and legal reasons. Please contact us for more details.


Get physical

From counting steps and push-ups to running a virtual 5k, 10k, half marathon or marathon to doing star jumps, skipping or riding your exercise bike. Use a step counter, running watch or a free smartphone app such as Runkeeper, Strava or Map My Run. Set up a fundraising page on Just Giving or Virgin Money Giving and share on your social media. Take photos/videos of your progress to post on social media. Tag Jimmy’s so we can make a fuss! Or join an existing event such as Jogging for Jimmy's.

Get creative

Put on a virtual gig, stand-up comedy show or other performance to entertain and fund raise from your home. Make something you've never made before, knit the longest scarf in Cambridge, or other ways to get your creative juices flowing! Set up a fundraising page on Just Giving or Virgin Money Giving. Advertise your event on your social media and other networks. Stream your show live using Facebook live (or a similar platform). Mention the donate link a lot during your performance. Tag Jimmy’s on social media so we can give you a shout out!

Get social

Host anything from a social to a virtual movie night or pub quiz. Get set up on Zoom, Houseparty or similar video-conferencing platforms. Set up a fundraising page on Just Giving or Virgin Money Giving. Ask attendees to make a donation to join your event. Consider hosting similar events in future.

Get silly

Lockdown is the ideal time to grow a big old beard, shave your hair off or grow Rapunzel hair. Or start your own online challenge (the new 'ice bucket'). Set up a fundraising page on Just Giving or Virgin Money Giving. Advertise your plan on your social media and other networks.Take photos and videos to share your progress – or stream live using Facebook live (or a similar platform). Tag Jimmy’s on social media so we can share your success!

Get selling

Got extra stuff you don’t need or skills you can auction? Sell items and help Jimmy’s with Buengo or auction your skills and time with Auction of promises. This can either be virtual during lockdown or in person post-lockdown. Best delay posting anything out until after the lockdown.

Get buying

Handily Jimmy’s has a range of ways you can get some retail therapy and support our work including our Amazon wish list, Amazon Smile and Give as you live pages.

Get re-purposing

Saving money on daily coffees, lunches, gym membership, fuel or more during lockdown? Why not pass on that saving to Jimmy's, like our Chair of Trustees (photo on the left) who is donating all of the petrol money she is saving each month.

Get asking

Another easy one: simply ask your friends, family and colleagues to support Jimmy’s. Got a birthday coming up? Ask those who would usually give you presents to donate to Jimmy’s instead. Let everyone know you are fundraising for Jimmy’s and you’d like their help. Set up a fundraising page on Just Giving or Virgin Money Giving.


Emergency Winter Care

Supports someone in our emergency winter service, with a bed, sleeping bag, clothing, essential items, hot dinner and breakfast, and support.

Bed and support

Provides a bed for the night and 2 hours of support in one of our shared houses

A week of hot meals

Gives someone in our emergency accommodation hot meals for a full week

Essential Items

Helps pay for a welcome pack of essential items for each new resident


I want to say a huge thank you to all of our supporters. At Jimmy's we work hard to put your donations to the best use in serving people experiencing homelessness in Cambridge. Together we are making a difference. Mark Allan, Chief Executive, Jimmy's Cambridge

Get In Touch

Any questions please get in touch at or speak to Sara or Barry via the details on our Contact Us page.

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