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Second stage housing

We offer second stage housing at various locations across the city, where residents are able to stay for up to two years and receive support to enable them to further stabilise their lives and, in a majority of cases, move on to their own tenancies.

One of our houses is specifically for people who have undergone detox, or maintained a significant period of abstinence with or without undertaking a detox, and can receive further support around both continuing their abstinence and securing long-term accommodation.

The path out of homelessness

At all our homes, we provide a wide range of support to help people out of recurring homelessness. This support may typically include:

  • Registering with the local authority in order to bid for a social tenancy
  • Helping individuals return to employment or education – although at any given time we will have several residents already in some form of employment
  • Addressing issues around their physical or mental health
  • Accessing specialist support for addiction
  • Reconnecting with family and friends
  • Assistance with budgeting, in respect of both past debts and the financial skills they will require once they secure their own tenancy

Floating support service

And once tenancies are secured we offer a floating support service to those residents who may require it. We help people when they leave Jimmy's, the support doesn't stop. We are on hand to ensure individuals do not return to a situation where they may again find themselves homeless.

I got food, got clean and got sleep - the first time in weeks