Our Trustees

Jane Mann, chair
Dr Fiona Blake
Dawn Casterton
John Durrant
Kiran Kapur
Barbara Law
Geoff Mann
Eileen Taylor
Hilary Wyllie


Message from Jane Mann, Chair of Trustees: 

Dear Friends

Jimmy’s exists to give practical help to some of the most vulnerable people in our society. It’s a place where men and women can regain their dignity, where they can re-learn the basics of living that we all take for granted and begin to feel human again. It’s a place where those who need it can get help to tackle addictions and mental health problems, where they can learn to live again in a world that can be so hostile and frightening.

All this is possible under one roof because of the support of so many people: our countless donors, the City and County Councils, the Homeless Transition Fund and the many individuals, schools, Churches and businesses who care about Jimmy’s. May God bless each one of you for whatever part you have played in the work at Jimmy’s in the past, and whatever you may do to help us in future.

We would also never have come this far without the help of our volunteers, whose selfless giving of time and energy makes Jimmy’s what it is. We also owe special thanks to Tony and Gill Barker and Richard and Joan Howlett, who so selflessly started the work that we now continue.  

The staff at Jimmy’s have been there for our guests whenever they were needed, through the difficult times that we would never have wished for, and the great times for which we have all worked so hard. With continuing help from everyone – our supporters, donors, volunteers and staff – we can keep working towards more great times ahead.