Facts and Figures

Guests at Jimmy’s: 2011/2012

Number of individual guests: 284

Aged 18-19       1%

20-25                14%

26-29                11%

30-39                28%

40-49                29%

50-59                14%

60-65                 2%


Costs of running Jimmy’s

  • It costs £1,400 per day to run Jimmy’s.
  • It costs £26 to provide a bed, evening meal and breakfast for one person each night.
  • Income from statutory sources like Housing Benefit and Supporting People covers most of our salary and building costs.

However, it doesn’t cover the cost of materials and equipment for guest activities, food, heating, lighting, water, general maintenance and administrative supplies or money spent directly on individual guests. For all these things we depend on the generous donations and grants from individuals and organisations from Cambridge, East Anglia and beyond.


National statistics

For the latest national statistics on homelessness, assembled by the Department for Communities and Local Government, please click here.

To find out how you can help click here.