451 is a six bed residential centre supporting alcohol-dependent individuals to reduce drinking and improve health

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Supporting recovery

Our controlled drinking project offers alcohol-dependent individuals the opportunity to receive intensive support around reducing alcohol consumption.

Located in central Cambridge, our Controlled Drinking Project is a six-bed resdential service offering 24-hour support to individuals who are engaged with our specialist drug and alcohol service team.

This is undertaken with a view to controlling/reducing their alcohol intake, or in some instances, ceasing their drinking altogether.

Supporting people

A reduction in drinking will for all result in harm reduction, and in some instances can motivate them to undergo a detox and aim for abstinence.

In addition to support for the residents of the project itself, residents of our shared houses also visit to access day services and receive additional support with a variety of matters from team.

Making a difference

Our team work closely with the residents, offering support across a wide spectrum of needs.

The service promotes a family environment and the close knit support can be key to a successful outcome.

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